We are still working on it!

It’s been a while so we just want to update and ensure you that we are still hard at work, full time, finishing the game. We want to make sure it is as good as it can be and don’t want to rush something to market before its full potential is reached. Stay tuned!

Never get lost in the archives…

Working on a new mission. In this one the you, (the Captain), will find him self in a pre-space civilization. This is one of those really big adventures were you will have to make some major choices that greatly affects your journey home.

Without revealing to much, I hope that the staging of you, “the captain”, knowing much more than you can reveal, prepare the way for some really emotional story telling.

Hope this one will fly.

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Ending cards

The game is taking shape! Recently we have been working on what we call the “ending cards”. And what is an ending card you may ask. This is the card you get when reaching an ending in one of the many adventures. As you reply the game and arrive at a planet you landed on before you’ll get the option to choose one of the cards you’ve already collected. Choosing a card sets the related states and gives you all the items tied to that ending. This system of isolated mission endings gives you, as a player, the possibility to quickly retry a path easily without having to do the same thing all over again.

Of course you are free to replay every adventure to try out something new and perhaps reach a new and more advantages outcome.

Stay tuned!

Working on new locations!

Working on an initial landing location for one of the main planets of the second system. This is a completely urbanized planet with little regards for eco friendly progress. This might be a good place to do some trading, or get vital information about the sector you are in.

The universe do have an end!

To get a overall feel for the scope of the game we have plotted most of the relevant planets and locations in the universe. The captain now have quite an extensive star map to navigate through on his way home.

We have divided the universe into four clusters, or “systems” if you like – each with a number of self contained adventures. The clusters are separated by a vast void of space. This void will take quite a few years to cross even with a lot of fuel, but there might be other ways through them. Maybe you should look out for some kind of jump gate or a stable wormhole?

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The ship is evolving with the game!

As we continue to add new planets and adventures for the Captain to sink his teeth into, we also have to expand and evolve his ship.

The initial ship had three (mostly empty) floors. We have now added a lab where the captain, as a scientist, can do his science stuff and more. The airlock on the lower deck will be used when docked to a space station or other ships. This is also where you would go to take a spacewalk.

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Thank you indie-fund!

Amazing news! We have Indie-fund on board. They have looked at “The Captain” and decided to invest. We are forever greatful and a bit more relaxed going forward. Thank you Kyle Gabler and the rest of the people who believe in the game and its success.

The evolution of Captain Welmu

From the first concept of the game the captain has always been heavily inspired by Star Trek as far as the clothing goes. The first draft of Welmu had him dressed in a gray body suite uniform. But, as the style of the game started to take form, we made him (a little) more colorful.

His original orange hair and somewhat wild hairstyle was an attempt to give a character, made with so few pixel, some kind of personality. But since the game is animated with sprites and the captain had to age, we gave him a more age neutral hair style.

The name Welmu is “borrowed” from a finnish StarCraft 2 player.

Blog up and running!

We started this blog to share the progress of the game development. We will try to keep this updated on a weekly basis with both interesting tidbits as well as major game changing news. =)

We would very much like you to take part in the crafting process of this game so don’t be shy venting your very important opinions. Please come with ideas and suggestions. Also, if you feel like we are on the right track here, feel free to support us in anyway you see fit.

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Best regards,
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