The team

We are two old friends living in the small town of Nyköping, Sweden. We have always had a passion for making and playing games.

Up until recently, we have exclusively made games during our spare time. This is our first attempt of doing what we love for real, without any other distractions.

Benny Eriksson – Programming

Age 44. Worked mainly as a backend java developer for about ten years before I quit to do this project. Have been playing with game design since I got my first computer in the middle of the 80:s. Love what I do and always keep up with the latest news about computers, programming and game design.

Peter Hedin – Graphical designer and sound.

Age 44, worked 20 years as professional web designer and developer. Been making games with Benny since 1990. Started out with Deluxe Paint and Amos and moved on to Flash and ActionScript. Today I mostly use Photoshop, Maya and Unity 3D.