The universe do have an end!

To get a overall feel for the scope of the game we have plotted most of the relevant planets and locations in the universe. The captain now have quite an extensive star map to navigate through on his way home.

We have divided the universe into four clusters, or “systems” if you like – each with a number of self contained adventures. The clusters are separated by a vast void of space. This void will take quite a few years to cross even with a lot of fuel, but there might be other ways through them. Maybe you should look out for some kind of jump gate or a stable wormhole?


On top of all these location based adventures we have started to plan and prepare for what we call, “ship adventures” and “ship events”.

A “ship adventure” can be something that happens on the ship while traveling between planets. Like an engine core breach or alien intruder alert. The “ship events” are smaller more day to day stories / puzzles. Crew members fighting over cabin space or celebrating someone’s birthday. These events initiates based on the choices you have made thus far. Which crew members are on board and what has happened prior to that point in time.

More on this in another post. Stay tuned!

And as usual, if you have any ideas for what this universe should include, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment down below.

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