The ship is evolving with the game!

As we continue to add new planets and adventures for the Captain to sink his teeth into, we also have to expand and evolve his ship.

The initial ship had three (mostly empty) floors. We have now added a lab where the captain, as a scientist, can do his science stuff and more. The airlock on the lower deck will be used when docked to a space station or other ships. This is also where you would go to take a spacewalk.

We have designed two brand new crew quarters to be used by the people you enlist along the way. Your shipmates will have a will of their own and if you are lucky you won’t have to act as the angry landlord too much.


You, as the Captain, have your own suite, of course. This is where you will refill your energy and find time to reflect after a hard day’s work.

The ship is continuously growing and new rooms and functions will be added as we go forward.

If you have any ideas for what a spaceship needs or should have, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment down below.

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