Spacefleet – A multiple planet organisation

Spacefleet is an earth-founded organization with the primary goal to uphold peace and common humanoid rights within its boarders. Throughout the years many species have joined Spacefleet and its influence and power is a major stabilizing factor in many sectors.

2 comments on “Spacefleet – A multiple planet organisation”

  1. SpookyGamer Reply

    Hey, the game looks great so far. I did a video on the first demo on youtube last year… is there any way I could get my hands on a demo to play again with more content? like a copy of the second demo that I missed? I am extrememly interested in the development of this game… and I think it needs more attention. Though I don’t have many active viewers, I just really had fun last time and look forward to playing it again.

  2. Peter Reply

    Thank you for very much for your interest. I’ll have to get back to you concerning the demo. Give me a sec…..

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